How to set up your new Adventure Bike

Below are guides for some of the gear you may need to set up your new bike or to add to your ever-growing collection of gear because let's be honest, who doesn't need something else for their bike?!


BMW has been producing high-quality European bikes since 1923! A lot of the time BMW and its dealers will provide you with a lot of the aftermarket accessories, in this case, we as adventure riders need that little bit more.


The Suzuki DR650 has been one of the most popular Adventure/Trail bikes, it has consistently satisfied the needs of riders since 1996. It is learner approved in certain states/territories with a very reasonable price tag. The DR is built to handle it all!


Since the re-design of the KLR650 in 2008, it is widely used as an inexpensive adventure/touring bike. Sad news for a lot of riders of the KLR that its last model is the 2018, with Kawasaki now discontinuing and making no alternative at this time. We stil


While the DRZ400 is not the favourite choice for long adventure rides, it is an awesome little pocket rocket and just because it's not as big as the fancy bikes does not mean we can't set it up for the same riding!