Setting up a KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290

Author: Adventure Motorcycle Equipment  

Not only have KTM been winning the Dakar rally for 16 years straight they are one of the leading manufacturers for the Adventure Bike market, with a large variety of bikes to suit every kind of rider!

SW-Motech manufacture crash bars for the majority of these KTM’s and one thing we love about that is that you can get KTM signature orange crash bars! How cool is that?! Jump on the website to see if we have crash bars for your model KTM.

Along with crash bars we want to protect the underside of the bike from rocks, debris or uneven roads. Our most popular bash plate for the KTM’s is Australian made by B&B Off-Road, the KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 bash plate works with the genuine KTM crash bars and sits around the $390 mark. Otherwise, SW-Motech make very a sleek looking plate which ranges between $400-$450 depending on the model.


Airflow is one of the most important issues that have to be considered when covering any radiator, RadGuards expanded mesh has been proven to be the ultimate choice and in conjunction with the robust frame will give you peace of mind each time you venture onto the road or trails.

If you need some pannier racks for the KTM we supply 2 options, Barrett products which are made in Australia and have Rotopax mounts built into them, perfect for all sorts of soft saddlebags, they have a 20mm steel pipe and are powder coated black for a super sleek KTM or there is the SW-Motech option with their “quick lock” designed racks, allowing you to easily take the racks off if needed, don’t worry we can also get a Rotopax adapter for these racks. The choice is up to you.

Keeping with luggage lets pop a rear luggage plate from B&B on there, they have a lot of holes to mount all sorts of tail bags and be able to strap them down securely, made and designed here in Australia! Made from a 5mm aluminium 5083 plate. Oh, and did we mention they have Rotopax mounts as well! If you want to pop a top box on the back of the KTM, we would recommend SW-Motech’s design, which has various adapters available for different top box brands, with a narrow slim design to keep the bike looking tidy.

Now for the creature comforts, if you are not too keen on the side stand, we can supply a SW-Motech stands base, making a wider surface to help negate the embarrassing situation of watching your KTM topple over in sand or mud! Adventure Motorcycle Equipment is the exclusive Australian supplier of Vanasche Motorsports, our mate Andrew also manufacures side foot stands for the KTM 1090/1190/1290!

Pegs are another one of those nice little items to add to the bike for that extra comfort, if you are looking for an agressive peg, Pivot Pegz are built in Australia and have been proven on the adventure and race machines the world over. Wtih a 60mm pivoting platform and spring loaded to rotate 20 degrees backwards or forwards, by far a popular choice for hard riders. If you are looking for something a bit less rugged but still a large surface area then you can go with the SW-Motech foot peg kits, they can be adjusted to 15mm from the stock position and have removeable textured rubber foot pads. 

Specific to the KTM 1190 is the Mastech headlight protector, this is unfortunatly the only headlight guard we can source for any KTM model! It has our favourite agressive wire look to make the KTM a mean machine!

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