About Us

Adventure Motorcycle Equipment (AME) was founded by Darin Rowley in Fyshwick, ACT in 2014. Darin has been riding since 1979 and motorcycling allowed his appetite for exploration and adventure to be satisfied.

AME wants to see other riders on the road, trail, and having a laugh in one of Australia’s greatest assets, the outdoors. You can get out there on a Honda CT110 postie bike wearing a pair of bikini briefs. You can get completely kitted up on a super farkled BMW 1200cc Adventure or anything in between. The most important thing is to get out there and ride.

Once you decide to get out there Adventure Riding and you want the right equipment, we can supply what you want. We have many brands of accessory equipment, riding gear and navigation aids to make help make your adventure riding smooth and enjoyable. If we can't give you adequate advice on particular adventure motorcycle equipment, someone in our network will be able to help.