Setting up a Suzuki DRZ400

Author: Adventure Motorcycle Equipment  

While the DRZ400 is not the favourite choice for long adventure rides, it is an awesome little pocket rocket and just because it's not as big as the fancy bikes does not mean we can't set it up for the same riding!

Look at that little 10L fuel tank, how are we going to get anywhere? Don’t fret we have 2 solutions for you. Safari tanks which are owned and made in Australia are designed to carry fuel as low as possible so that the weight is balanced evenly for the rider. 2 sizes on offer for the DRZ, a neat little 17L tank and a whole hog 28L tank, now that will get you places!

Keep in mind when ordering that there is different mounting for E and S model make sure you select the right one for your bike, and don't forget about the awesome colour range too!

Where to put all your riding or camping gear? By far the most popular luggage option for the DRZ400’s is the Barrett Racks, these racks are Australian made. They are made from steel and then powder coated black, they are designed to suit the standard exhaust. Barrett racks have Rotopax mounts built into them, which allows you to mount the Rotopax water or fuel cells with the appropriate mounts, they suit a large range of soft saddlebags including our own AME saddlebags which have been specifically designed for these racks. The racks are easy to install with the necessary bolts provided, they also work with the B&B rear carry rack! 


The B&B rear carry rack is one of our bestsellers for the DRZ, it is also made with Rotopax mounts so you even mount extra fuel or water to the rack. It is a super neat looking piece of gear and tough as! You can also purchase a B&B luggage plate to mount on top of it which you can then utilise for a variety of soft tail bags like Kriega or SW-Motech

Now that we have the fuel range to get us riding and the luggage solution to carry our gear, we need to protect the bike!

B&B Off-Road is one of our main suppliers for hard parts, they are owned, designed and manufactured in Australia. We haven’t come across anyone who has not heard of B&B! 

For the DRZ400 we want to protect it for the tough Adventure riding, these are some of the items we recommend. Case Guard (clutch & ignition), Front Sprocket Case Saver, Radiator Guard, Frame Guards and of course Bash Plate. 

Let's keep some wind off your face and those bugs at bay. The DRZ400 does not come with an OEM screen but our awesome mate Peter manufactures and owns “Screens For Bikes” again in Australia. By far the most popular tint is dark, still allowing a fair amount of vision but with an awesome amount of glare off the cockpit. They come with the necessary screws and bolts to mount them to the bike, simply drill into the required position for your height and bolt in. Everyone who has one of these screens raves about how it has changed their riding! There are a large number of tints to choose from, we supply clear, light and dark tint but can special order many more (see image below)

Now for the bars, Barkbusters is a very well known brand that was first manufactured in Australia in 1984. For a Barkbusters set up, you first need to purchase the frame which is easy to install in minutes, then you select your guards, the options we provide are Storm, Carbon, VPS and Jet. The most popular guards are the VPS which comes with a wind deflector and has the option to add on skid plates and/or end weights to help with vibration. The VPS and Jet come in a variety of colour options to choose from, allowing real personalization to the bike. They help protect your hands from the elements while still allowing easy maneuvering of the gears and bars. They are a hard piece of kit to kill!

Now we are about to go on a ride but testing out that seat and it is a little uncomfortable for the long trip. We can provide you with a Sargent Seat, these are made in the USA and has been regarded as one of the most popular and well-regarded brands, starting back in 1935 upholstering automotive seats and started to move onto motorcycles in 1990. We sell many Sargent Seats for the DRZ400, they add that extra comfort on a long ride. They install straight onto the OEM mounting with no extra hardware needed. (Please note: We order these in as needed, we do not keep seats in stock.)

Have a read of this information from Sargent:

“Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel. Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities - making it well suited for maximum long distance comfort. In addition, the seat shape has been enhanced in two important ways:

The seating platform is level, front to back (unlike the OEM seat) allowing for more freedom of movement.

It is wider and slightly "dished" (side to side), resulting in much better lateral weight and pressure distribution.

The World Sport Performance Seat for the Suzuki DR 650 features our marine-grade, UV-stabilized, upholstery - hand-sewn specifically to maximize the superior suspension qualities of the Super Cell Foam. In addition, with our high performance synthetic materials - combined with our continuous moisture barrier - your seat cover won't suffer from water-penetration and seepage or shrinking and cracking like leather-covered products often do. And best of all, it is virtually maintenance free!”

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