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Adventure Motorcycle Equipment

Adventure Motorcycle Equipment

Who and Where We are

Adventure Motorcycle Equipment (AME) is based in Fyshwick ACT Australia. AME was founded by Darin Rowley who started riding motorcycles in 1979 on a Yamaha DT80. Darin has competed in club level short circuit, motocross, and pony express’ when he was younger and tended to recover from the inevitable tumble a little more vigorously. Road, Trail and Adventure motorcycle riding have been Darin’s main hobby since getting a learners permit license. Motorcycling has allowed an appetite for exploration and adventure to be satisfied.

The ACT region is endowed with a plethora of Adventure Motorcycle Riding Terrain and we are passionate about adventure riding in our backyard or further afield. Some examples of the riding areas that we enjoy are; Brindabellas, Kosciuszko, Victorian High Country, Blue Mountains, Abercombie, Tallaganda, the south coast and the great dividing range to name a few. When the planets align (i.e. Frequent family miles are in the bank), we get to the outback of Australia or further afield to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, and Portugal.

AME chooses Adventure Motorcycle Riding because it gives us a great big toothy grin. We are on our motorcycles in our home garage and take off down all roads to overcome whatever obstacle gets in our way (NB. We are not to macho to go around the really bad obstacles as falling off hurts). We generally pre program our GPS with routes / tracks but adventure weaves it’s way into every ride. Rain, snow, mud, fallen trees, flooded rivers, submerged bikes, mechanical failures, rider failures, personal insecurities, hills, locked gates, fuel range limitations and more are overcome to get to a great country bakery for a good coffee and if possible an overnight stay in a friendly character filled country pub or a cosy camp site with an open fire.

AME wants to see other riders on the road, trail, and having a laugh in one of Australia’s greatest assets, the outdoors. You can get out there on a Honda CT110 postie bike wearing a pair of bikini briefs. You can get completely kitted up on a super farkled BMW 1200cc Adventure or anything inbetween. The most important thing is to get out there and ride.

Once you decide to get out there Adventure Riding and you want the right equipment, we can supply what you want. Through the years, we have ridden and owned many motorcycles, brands of accessory equipment, riding gear and navigation aids to make our adventure riding smooth and enjoyable. If we can't give you adequate advice on particular adventure motorcycle equipment, someone in our network will.

It must be noted that if you read this paragraph. The we of AME is me (Darin). I am starting this business from scratch and will introduce you to staff members as they come on board.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. We are passionate adventure motorcyclists that will answer questions honestly.

CEO, Founder